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Welcome To Preferred Produce, Inc

Preferred Produce EcoFarms is:

  • Local, Certified Organic, Sustainable and Socially Responsible Agriculture.
  • Picked Ripe and Delivered Fresh to You Within 2 days of harvest.
  • Our state-of-the-art greenhouse is located in Deming New Mexico.
  • Our best in class organic growing methods deliver the best quality products year round.
  • We are committed to the highest level of food safety, nutritional content and flavor in our products.

What this means to you the customer:

Our growing methods are “Certified Organic” which means that we only use organic fertilizers and organic pest control methods. We wait until the veggies are ripe before we pick them for you, which gives them more flavor and higher nutrient content.
YES that does make a difference! Conventional growers use chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers which kill all the bugs and push the plant to grow and ripen faster. They pick the fruit green and most products are shipped thousands of miles before they get to your table, and oh yes, the chemicals they use do get  into the food you and your family eat every day.

What this means to the environment:

Our patent pending, state-of-the-art greenhouses use alternative energy for heating and cooling the greenhouse for year round operations. We recycle water and harvest nutrients for creating proprietary fertilizer blends. We deliver local and direct to our customers. Our business model has a negative carbon foot print, in that we use more carbon (the plants inside absorb carbon to grow), than we emit. We use less water than other agriculture crops and do not leach residue from chemical pesticide and chemical fertilizers into the water table.

What this means to the community:

As we grow and expand we are building a full time team with a living wage to enhance the local community.